5 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Company – Hemant Chinchkar

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1. Ask for work, domain expertise:

Now day’s many companies are adding digital marketing as core service but we need to check their domain expertise. Many website designing, graphics designing companies are practicing digital marketing services this case you may lose your growth & faith on digital marketing. Check their core services reviews & portfolios with respect to requested services and take decision wisely.

2. Decide Performance Indicators:

Before you start with digital marketing company you need to decide Key performance indicators (KPI) so you & your digital marketing agency will be aligned with the same focus. Performance indicator may different like   

  • Web Traffic — the no. of people visiting your website
  • Traffic Sources — where your web traffic is coming from organic, referral, social or paid etc
  • Conversions — the no. of people that have visited your website and become a lead
  • Cost per Lead — the amount of money it costs to acquire a new lead by each marketing source
  • Revenue per Lead — the amount of money you make for each lead that generated

3. Account Management:

Need to check who is handling your digital marketing services/ Account. Many companies just outsourcing the services in that case you may not maintain proper communication & if you have communication gap between you and your digital marketing company you may not achieve what you expected from your digital marketing agency.

4. Reports & Results:

Proper reporting is very important part to understand your growth. You need to ask weekly reporting instead of monthly reporting to better understand what’s going on. Weekly reporting may correct your direction and increase chances to get monthly goal. Ask your agency to make customize reports to understand better. you need to check results & line of work with respect to ROI (returns on investments) 

5. Measure ROI & Evaluate Performance:

Last & important factor in digital marketing process to calculate ROI. Everything is going as per your expectation but somewhere you are losing ROI then you need to check your internal factors. like Products/ Services, price, target audience target geography etc. you may conduct a survey to understand clients buying behavior and why they rejecting your product & services. & redesign your USP.

– Hemant Chinchkar

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