10 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

10 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Good Conversion rate is the key of growth for every business. Now days many businesses catching more and more website traffic through digital marketing but somewhere they are missing conversions. Let’s discuss some important points which will increase your conversion rate. There are many things you can improve or add to get more conversions. First thing before entering in to conversions optimization you need to set goal to your business so we can plan our conversions strategies accordingly

1.Create Action Buttons:

Many website missing action buttons like

  • Call Back Request
  • What’s app Pings
  • Chabot’s

This action buttons will help visitors to get engage easily. Check every action button periodically whether they are working properly or not.

2. A/B Testing:

Do A/B testing where you can set two options for your landing page to check comparative performance. A/B testing will help you to improve page quality & conversion rate

3. Set up a sales funnel

Now days many businesses killing their conversion rate because of too aggressive conversion strategy. Many people just surfing without instant need but if you force to do sign up & OTP verification through mobile traffic will not engage so quickly so they well just skip your website. Here you can set sales funnel where

a. You can make them aware about your product or service

b. Attract interest with good features & USP

c. Engage them with good offerings

d. Offer more than commitment & delight them

e. Convert & retain

4. Address Negative Reviews & Discussions

Many businesses neglect to address negative reviews even though reviews are fake & here they started losing conversions. Monitor every review about your business & address every issue with proper answer or justifications. Recently one survey shared report about buying behavior, More than 52% traffic make their decision through reviews.

5. Increase Trust

If you are small business then go for personal branding, add your profile on your website with short intro video that builds more trustworthy.

Increase trust by adding case studies, customer reviews, awards & achievements. Real event based stories influences a lot to buy. Many people align their buying needs with your case studies, reviews etc, so this thing builds more trust on your brand.

Many businesses missing above things so though they have good website & traffic somewhere they lacking in gaining trust & that affect on conversion rate optimization

6. Make it simple/easy to buy from you

Make the buying process simple & easy

  • Build your users about next steps while buying
  • Don’t give them too many options that may confuse them.
  • Don’t ask for unnecessary information
  • Keep sensitive fields optional.
  • Offer them for instant buy
  • Provide various payment options (Google Pay, Phone Pay, NEFT, Net banking)

Above things will help them to hassle free buying & satisfaction

7. Create Periodically offers

Now days every festival pushes everyone to buy something. Or many people aware about festival offers or don’t forget to create offer on every festival season.

Offers may like

  • Discount offers (20% OFF, 50% OFF)
  • Gift Offers (Buy one get one free)
  • Service Offers (Free Installations, Free dental Checkup, Free skin care consultation)
  • Camps (Free health checkup camp)
  • etc

8. Be competitive with your service or product

Everyone have habit to compare your product or service so build your product or services competitive or justify your product or service. Buyer should be doubtless and delight about what you sold. Keep in mind what are the parameters where customer can compare with others & justify what you provided

9.  Create Message

Create strong message on every buying to make your buyer proud.  You can pick any social cause.

  • We are planning to plant 1000 trees in year
  •  We don’t use plastic
  • We help in poor child education


10. Long Term Engagement

One time buying will not build your brand you need to be in touch with your customers on every possible occasion through various events.

  • Wish them on birthday, anniversary & offers them good discount.
  • If possible wish them on festival with branded gifts
  • Take feedbacks about your product or services & assure them for improvement
  • Make aware them about your new product or services through news letters or other possible ways.

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