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Pay Per Click (PPC) is a pricing model that guarantees that your website will appear in list of results for a search queries that have been specified by you. You website's ranking is determined on the basis of what you pay. The highest bidder gets the highest ranking.

PPC Marketing

PPC is essentially a method of advertising your website on search engine results (in the sponsored result listing) where advertisers bid against each other to be the top search result on particular keywords or keyword phrases. For e.g. you have a website that offers computer items and peripherals and you want it to appear in the sponsored results of 'Overture', you can simply create an account and place appropriate bid for your website. If you ever make a keyword query on prominent search engines, you will find ad boxes or sponsored links on top or on the right side of the actual results. Your website will appear in those areas. Your website advertisement will be visible next to search engine results. On every instant when a visitor happens to click on your site, you will be charged for that click. Cost per click is the bidding amount you have agreed to pay whenever there is a click on your result. In order to manage a successful PPC campaign, you need a group of professionals to do the concrete ground work and ample research and analysis. Choosing right keyword and the right search engine to advertise are the keys for a successful PPC campaign.


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