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Company Profile:

Future Teleradiology Solutions is one of the globally largest team of qualified and experienced Radiologists focused on dedicated and fast reporting of the highest quality to global overseas and local clients.

Their unique self created and time tested work flow patterns reduce reporting time and deliver results effectively. This also helps reduces time clients staff invests in getting scan done.

Theytake pride in our support team, which keeps meticulous track of each case from upload till the final report is delivered.

They offer services to Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Individual Radiologists, Governments, WHO, health organizations, NGOs and Public Private Partnership firms.


  • New startup
  • No website or any other platform to showcase services
  • Niche market segment 
  • Unknown Worldwide Target Market
  • Generating good leads from world wide


  • We designed competitive & SEO friendly website
  • Done research on keywords with respect to their services.
  • Showcased services & added hooks to get leads
  • Expert SEO Strategy: Optimized all international short-tail & long-tail keywords. Mostly for all keywords pushed on first page top rank
  • Optimized featured snippets in various countries.
  • We build perfect lead generation funnel & Online Appointment setting system
  • Build blog & started blogging
  • Reduced Bounce rate & increased APT (average page on time)
  • We set Goal & focused on conversion tracking  


• More than 50 high traffic keywords on 1st page top position on SERP
• Increased DA (Domain Authority )
• Decreased Bounce rate & loading time
• Increased goal conversions
• Now Future Teleradiology is one of the leading teleradiology reporting company in the world.